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PostSubject: ProEvolutionSoccer 2009   ProEvolutionSoccer 2009 I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 04, 2009 3:52 pm

[left]Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (abbreviated as PES 2009) is a football video game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series by Konami.
Gameplay has been improved for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, with key additions as an improved Teamvision system, tactics change according to situation, better off-the-ball fluency AI recognizing strategies that works accumulating data on an ongoing basis within Master League and League modes. Another new addition is the readjustments for ball movements. PES 2009 has new air resistance calculations for the trajectory of the ball. There are also new friction routines to affect ball movement in terms of ground conditions, backspin routines are calculated so that ball slows accordingly, and the bounce of the ball can be used more effectively: players can flick the ball up to tee a shot, or to lift it over a defender's trailing leg. Skills are now integrated more into the game. If a player has the ability, they will be able to perform skilful turns. There will also be adjusted controls to make close control more intuitive. All new Manual Passing and there is no slowdown in replays or matches. PES 2009 will also feature a new game mode called 'Become A Legend', much like EA Sports FIFA Series Be a Pro mode where you will take control of a chosen player throughout his career.[5]
1. Unrar.

2. Burn or mount the image.

3. Install the game. When prompted for serial use:


4. Copy over the cracked content located in the /Crack dir on the disc to

your installation directory.

5. Play the game.


netload.in dateiMTYzNzY1ND PES-2009.part01.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTY0MDU2ND PES-2009.part02.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNzU5ODYwNT PES-2009.part03.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTAzMjA5ND PES-2009.part04.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTU1NDUyND PES-2009.part05.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMjQyMzYyOD PES-2009.part06.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNDg5NTE1ND PES-2009.part07.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTgwMTE2NT PES-2009.part08.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTM5MTgxMj PES-2009.part09.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTUyNzU2MT PES-2009.part10.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNzExNzU1MT PES-2009.part11.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTcwNDQ5Mj PES-2009.part12.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTU1MDg3MD PES-2009.part13.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTI1NjcxNj PES-2009.part14.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTgzMjY5OT PES-2009.part15.rar.htm
netload.in datei7f6e933a2a PES-2009.part16.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNjE2NDEwNz PES-2009.part17.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMjAzMjAzNT PES-2009.part18.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTc4MDQ5Nj PES-2009.part19.rar.htm
netload.in datei1c328fc851 PES-2009.part20.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTQ4MDMzOD PES-2009.part21.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTQxMjI2ND PES-2009.part22.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMzgxNzk4Mj PES-2009.part23.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTgyMjc4Mj PES-2009.part24.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTMwMTc4OD PES-2009.part25.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMjA2ODg5Mj PES-2009.part26.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTQ1NDA1OD PES-2009.part27.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTgwODcxOD PES-2009.part28.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNzk4MTU0OT PES-2009.part29.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMjAwNzY1Nj PES-2009.part30.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTY2MzI3Nz PES-2009.part31.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNTMzODE4ND PES-2009.part32.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNTg1ODk0MT PES-2009.part33.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTY5ODg3ND PES-2009.part34.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNzM5OTgwMD PES-2009.part35.rar.htm
netload.in dateif9a4ca12c3 PES-2009.part36.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTg1NjcxMD PES-2009.part37.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTgxOTc3MT PES-2009.part38.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTE1MDA2Mz PES-2009.part39.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMjExODE5OD PES-2009.part40.rar.htm
netload.in dateiNTEzMjQ4NT PES-2009.part41.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMzQ4MTg2NT PES-2009.part42.rar.htm
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netload.in dateiMTgwNDg5Mj PES-2009.part44.rar.htm
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netload.in datei72fcab6f91 PES-2009.part48.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTM5MDQyMD PES-2009.part49.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTMxMDMwNj PES-2009.part50.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTkwNDEzMT PES-2009.part51.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTk5Mzg3NT PES-2009.part52.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTU0MzIwMD PES-2009.part53.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTE3Mjk0ND PES-2009.part54.rar.htm
netload.in datei048f01bb54 PES-2009.part55.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTg4MjUwND PES-2009.part56.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTI2NDEzOD PES-2009.part57.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTM4MTA3Mz PES-2009.part58.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMjExMjg5OT PES-2009.part59.rar.htm
netload.in datei115d53f2b6 PES-2009.part60.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTQyODM5ND PES-2009.part61.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTkzODY5MT PES-2009.part62.rar.htm
netload.in dateiOTk2MzUzMD PES-2009.part63.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTAyNzQ4OD PES-2009.part64.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTYzMzI0Mj PES-2009.part65.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTQyMDI3NT PES-2009.part66.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTc0MDU4MT PES-2009.part67.rar.htm
netload.in datei9e5a83f0dd PES-2009.part68.rar.htm
netload.in datei4a1a2979db PES-2009.part69.rar.htm
netload.in datei2e6fc24bc2 PES-2009.part70.rar.htm
netload.in dateiMTE0OTQ0ND PES-2009.part71.rar.htm

Ko zna prevod na makedonski mislim i ja znam ali me mrzi da prevodim Very Happy pa ko mozhe nek prevede ! Very Happy GL^HF Have Fun
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ProEvolutionSoccer 2009
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